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Sunday, September 12, 2010

31-32 weeks...my little squash!

Side note - sorry for being MIA the last few days - I was without computer access at work for most of this past week, so I was not able to blog during my down time & too exhausted to do it when I got home...forgive me please?! Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

OMG, as usual I can't believe how quickly time is flying & how close we are to meeting our little sweetie in person! We have been hard at work knocking out some of the major things on our Baby J to do list, so hopefully I'll have lots of updates to share on Wednesday about that. The official beginning of fall is just around the corner, although the weather around here is cooling down already! We were supposed to do our maternity pictures with my little sis this afternoon, but she wanted to do a bunch outside & it was rainy today, so we decided to wait until September 26th. Why two weeks?! Because our Baby J shower #1 is this weekend in the hubb's hometown! I am so excited! We spoke to his mom the other day & she told us about 20 people should be there - probably some we (or at least I) don't even know, but it'll be so much fun opening all her cute gifts & seeing everyone! We are leaving on Saturday since I have to work on Friday (& can't really use leave right now until the babe arrives or closer to my due date), and we'll come back early Sunday!

Speaking of his fam - we had a talk about how visiting would go when the baby arrives & he is going to ask his mom what her plans are this weekend. The problem is - we only have two bedrooms in our little townhouse - ours & the baby's. Dizz (our dog other child) sleeps in our room on the floor, on the hubbs' side of the bed. We have a futon that can convert to a full size bed in the basement, but besides that, we don't have any room for many people to stay. I also don't really want a lot of people staying over - his mom is a definite since I'm sure she'll wanna be around her only grandchild when she arrives for a few days before she has to go back home for work, but besides that...I really want us to have our family time to adjust to our new life with the baby. It'll be an adjustment for all of us - me, Dennis & Dizzle & I guess I just don't want the added stress of feeling like I have to host guests - do you know what I mean? At the same time, his family lives hours away & mine is right around the corner, so they can just come over & visit whenever. And my parents & sisters & brother will all be able to see the little one MUCH more often than his family. I can see how he  feels about that, but we live where we live & work where we work, so there's not much I can do about it. He understands, but I think he just wants me to understand as well. And I do, but that doesn't change the way I feel about a lot of people staying over our house RIGHT after we come home with the baby. Did/do any of you have to deal with a similar situation? How did you handle that? I want to be fair - I love him & his family & want him this to be a very happy time for us, not a stressful one. Le sigh.

In other news, my baby buying obsession has picked up again over the past couple of weeks. :o/ I couldn't help it! I just happened across lots of cute stuff @ great prices recently, so I got:

This cute little personalized pumpkin beanie (since she'll be a fall be beh) from Etsy Seller cherylengelstad. I found a tip about this cutie & her shop on Molly's great new blog - A Little Birdie Told Me. She looks for lots of great stuff (she has a theme for each post) on Etsy & posts the links to the seller's shops! Most of the stuff she finds is pretty affordable too. I love Etsy & I love great deals, so her blog is pure awesomeness to me...go check her out some time :)

And these...

A cute & very functional diaper caddy & Boppy cover from Target.They were both on my Target registry & I know it's bad to buy stuff of the registry before your shower(s), but they were both on sale for a great price (more than the discount will be for the completion of the registry) & both were online only items (thus less likely to be purchased as gifts), so I went for it!

And finally:

This cute baby sling, leg warmers & bracelet gift set from Seven Everyday Slings (the makers of Udder Covers). IDK if I'll actually use the bracelet, but the sling & leg warmers are adorable! You can use the sling from infant to 6+ months & I got a one-time use coupon code for a FREE sling (a $39.99 value), so all I had to pay for was the difference between the sling alone & the gift set + shipping. You know I can't resist free stuff, so I went for it too!

That should be it for my buying stuff for awhile. I think her showers over the next couple of weeks will satisfy my fix for a bit, so I should be good until she arrives, minus the stuff we may still have to purchase that we need if we do not receive them as gifts.

According to The Bump, baby girl is the size of a squash & is about 3.75 lbs. & 16.7 inches. My ute is pushing up near my diaphragm & crowding my stomach, which can lead to shortness of breath & heartburn. All of which is definitely happening to me - it's not extremely unbearable, but not fun either. Baby Center says that I can help myself out with these symptoms by sleeping with pillows propped up & eating smaller meals more often, both of which I have been doing. I'm also normally pretty sore in my feet, legs, hips, sides & lower back by the end of most days & exhausted. The hubbs is pretty good about helping me out if I need it in the evenings & gives me frequent massages whenever I need them too. Love him. At my 32 week appointment this week, we met the newest Dr. at my OB practice & I actually really like her! I'm so happy I feel comfortable with all four of them, so whoever delivers her, I'll be happy with. I surprisingly have no preference at all. The appointment was pretty routine - peed in a cup, did a weight & blood pressure check & the Dr. met with us briefly & checked the baby's heartbeat with the doppler - a healthy 144 bpm & everything else was normal too. Baby J is in the head down position & getting plump & prepared for birth, which is just 5-8 weeks away now! She's moving away a lot still - more shifting than kicking, but she still kicks a lot too. Funny side note - this week, the hubbs & I were watching my tummy to see if we'd see her move & she pushed out against my stomach with her foot or elbow & Dennis was so weirded out! Hahaha, he said it was cool, just weird! But he kissed my tummy after & told her he loved her! :) Can't believe how close we are...and we can't wait to meet her!

And now on to my 31 & 32 week bump pics. I'm actually kinda happy we are waiting two more weeks for the maternity shots - perhaps the belleh will be a little larger? It's pretty big now, but I figure a bit of a bigger belly couldn't hurt for the pics, right?!

31 weeks - clothed & bare:

32 weeks - clothed & bare:

This week I'll be posting the bedding selection we went with & showing off her cute lined drawers, which we just completed today! And I'll be posting my fall decor inspiration projects - I have already gotten started on some fall decorating..love the fall, yay!! 'Till next time!