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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

22 weeks + great baby finds!

Hey there everyone! I can't believe how quickly short work weeks fly by. This weekend I am going to be SUPER busy with a surprise birthday party & two showers (one I'm hosting) to attend. It'll be insane, but should be fun! Anywho, I'm 22 weeks 4 days today, so just a few days shy of 23 weeks. I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing by now & I feel like there is still a lot to do to get ready for her arrival. 

My baby-buying obsession is still in full effect & I got Baby J lots of cute stuff over the last week or so. I got a little bonus at work for a project I worked on, so I spent a lot spoiling her as usual. I am currently on a self-imposed baby-buying hiatus {until next pay period ::wink::} because my obsession is getting out of hand, lol. Seriously though. I.can't.stop. She's so spoiled already. :) I honestly need to limit my purchases to like maybe 2-3 items per 2-week pay period. I know that I will likely gets a good amount of stuff at my baby showers (the hubbs family lives about 4 hours away so they are throwing a separate one), so I really, really try to not buy too much, but sometimes it's so hard when you find the CUTEST things at great prices! Sigh. Here are a few things I bought this cute little bugger kicking away in my belly over the last week or so:

The first two are from Zulily (again, full disclosure - if you sign up for a Zulily account through this link & if/when you buy something, I get a $10 credit to buy Baby J even more cute stuff!).
 This set of three Haba Toys fabric balls - they looked fun!

 This sweet Pink Guitar beanie from Pink Axle - I couldn't resist b/c her daddy lurves all things music!

 These sweet owl bookends from Etsy seller aprilfoss

This cute little owl piggy bank from Etsy seller Posh Polka Dots 

It is probably obvious based on my purchases, but I've decided to do owl accents in her room. Not an owl "theme" per say because her bedding & curtains, etc. have nothing to do with owls, but I heart owls {much like birdies} so I wanted to add in a few cute owl decorations here & there. It's also probably obvious that I love both Zulily & Etsy, I always find great stuff for her on both of those sites!

So, from weeks 21-24 (month 5), The Bump says baby is about the size of a Papaya! She is between 10.5-11.8 inches in length & between 12.7-20.8 ounces. At 19 weeks 6 days, Baby J was a little more than 11 ounces, so she's probably close to a pound or so now! She can most definitely hear us now & we talk to her lots & lots every day! She especially likes the hubbs & she always starts kicking when she hears his voice. :) He even felt her kick for the first time on Sunday...I was so happy! He has not been able to feel her since, but it's still exciting! Her kicks are still really light to him, although they seem to be getting harder to me. Nothing painful at all, just noticeably harder. Her movement definitely happens all day, every day & I sometimes try to count her kicks. I read that you should be able to count about 10 kicks/movements in a 2-hour period. Usually I count from the first time I feel her & go from there & that seems about right. She should also be settling into sleep cycles & sleeping anywhere from 12-14 hours throughout the day & I am starting to realize when she's napping. I love this little bean so much & can't wait to meet her in November!!

Yesterday while I was walking into the kitchen I had this electric shock-type sensation in my belly. It was pretty alarming, but it only lasted for 1 second & then disappeared. I think maybe the baby kicked me in my cervix or something, at least that's all I could gather from a Google search, hee hee. It scared me, but the baby has been moving & kicking normally today, so I'm trying not to worry too much. I tend to do that sometimes...but I am going to mention it to my doctor next week at my appointment just to see what they think. And this morning, I was woken up by this CRUCIAL lower leg cramp - ouch, but I bent my foot towards me like I read to do & it worked! Overall though, I'm feeling good. A little achy at the end of the days, but doing great overall!

Although it's finally sunk into my brain that I am pregnant, I still find it hard to believe that we are gonna have a baby in just a few short months. It's an awesome feeling & although we prayed so hard for her (& can't wait until she's in our arms), it definitely makes you think a little about just how much your life will change! Are we ready for the change? Of course we are, but it's a huge life-changing thing that's happening & it just makes you a think about a lot. I wonder about so many things, like if we will be good parents & know what we are doing, if she will take to breastfeeding, how will the first couple of weeks be with her home, how will our fat dog, Dizzle, react to his new little sis...and lots & lots more! And of course, I still worry about her all the time & hope she's doing well in there. Knowing me, that'll never end - even when she does get here! But, she's continuing to wiggle around & kick & every time I feel her, it makes me calm down a little & smile big time.

Here are my 22 week bump pics - I feel like I definitely look pregnant now & am in maternity clothes full time at this point (although a few of my longer pre-pregnancy shirts still fit me). No belly stretch marks (or any others that I didn't already have) yet!

Clothed Belly

 Bare Belly

That's all I got for this week - hopefully this weekend will come & go quickly. Feels weird saying that since I always want weekends to go by slowly, but this one will be soooo busy, so I am actually looking forward to it getting here & being done with all the parties/showers until the next few roll around, lol. 'Till next time!


Shanny said...

Your little papaya has a lot of cute stuff already! those are aweosme finds =)

I don't know about that electric shock-type sensation, what I did experience once was when one of them was kicking it felt like they were pulling a string attached from my belly button to my umm.. lady part... it was the WEIRDEST thing! lol
Yeah, and wassup with all the leg cramps? I don't appreciate it!

Life Happens said...

You amaze me with all your energy! Where does it come from?! I hope you have a fabulous weekend.