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Sunday, July 18, 2010

23-24 Weeks...and more cute stuff!

Hey there everyone! We are back from South Carolina! My cousin's wedding was fun & it was great seeing my family...but I'm glad to be out of the car (it's an 8'ish hour drive) & back home!!

I have found a new baby company to add to my list of faves: the buti-bag company. If you haven't ever seen their stuff, go check it out!! They have sooo much cute stuff in the most ADORABLE designs! The owner of the buti-bag company, Nicole, is also super nice! She contacted me about a link I posted on another blog I frequent where I was talking about my favorite baby stuff & she got a lot of traffic from that link, so offered me a free gift! So sweet & I'm absolutely not one to turn down cute stuff for Baby J, so I selected the oh-so-cute pink & chocolate bi-o-pad, which can be used as a grocery shopping cart, a restaurant high chair cover or even a public restroom cover. And I'm sort of a germ-o-phobe - like I only go to grocery stores that offer those sanitizing wipes so that you can wipe off the shopping cart/basket before you touch it & I always carry hand sanitizer around with me - LOL, so this was the PERFECT product for me! I also really liked her pod packs for baby wipes when you're on the go - also seems like an awesome product that I know will come in handy when Baby J gets here! So I asked her to throw that in too & I offered to pay for that, but she said she'd just throw that in too. :) Well on Friday, I got a ring on my door from the mailman & was elated to find a package from Nicole!

 The tube is an exciting something else for Baby J's nursery...more on that in another post soon!

And inside the package from the the buti-bag company:
Woo hoo! The bi-o-pad, the pod pack & she even threw in some of her CUTE binkmeister binkie clips!!

And now I'm officially in love with her company! The bi-o-pad is so soft & cute & I love all the adorable prints all of her stuff comes in! I even went back on her site & bought Baby J one of her adorable baby blankets too!


If you're in the market for some adorable, yet practical & high quality baby stuff or you are just obsessed with buying stuff for your little one like me {wink}, then head on over & check out all of the buti-bag company's awesome stuff!! Make sure to sign up for her email list to get word on buti-bag company exclusive sales & to be alerted when new products & patterns are added. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. :)

So today I'm 24 weeks & 1 day pregnant, which means our precious little girl has reached the point of viability!!! That means that she would have a chance of surviving outside of the womb if she were born today. Of course, we absolutely DO NOT want her to come any time soon - November or late October sounds best to her mama & daddy, so she just needs to stay in there & keep growing big & strong! The baby is pretty much fully developed at this point, her taste buds are developing & her lungs are continuing to mature. She's now putting on weight more rapidly & should be about 1.5 lbs. this week & 12.5 inches long! She also kicks away more & more every day. This past week, I registered for breastfeeding & childbirth classes, as well as our hospital tour! The BF class is in mid-August & I'm actually really excited to go to the class! Every milestone that gets me closer to my baby girl is a good thing. :) I have been feeling pretty good overall - just sore here & there by the end of the day. And I've also noticed that I am starting to get a little stuffy, which I hear is common during pregnancy.

I had a OB appointment this past Friday & I gained like 6 lbs since my 20 week appointment! The Nurse Practitioner, who I saw this time, said that I should try to just keep an eye on my weight & stay active, but that she's not extremely worried about such a fast jump over the 4-week period...she said it happens sometimes, but that I should only be gaining about 1 lb. per week during this part of my pregnancy. Eh well. I'm still well within the normal weight range, so I'm trying not to worry too much about it. But I am gonna get strict about walking on the treadmill @ the gym a couple times a week & about finding a pre-natal yoga class. We got to hear Baby J's heartbeat at the appt., which was right around the 150 beats per minute range - very normal & I got a lab slip to do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test. It's supposed to be done during week 26, so I'll handle that in a couple weeks - wish me luck! Oh the NP also checked out the swollen area under my right arm & she says it's just a swollen lymph node & warned that it may even get more swollen as my milk comes in. I asked when I would need to start counting the baby's kicks & she said not until around 30-32 weeks, but as long as she's moving daily then it's normal for now. And she definitely does that, hahaha! Oh & I now know the two dates for my baby showers - the hubby's family is hosting the first one (they live about 4 hours away, so they decided to do one down there for us) on September 18th & the one with all my friends & family is on October 2nd! I am SO excited & am constantly updating & adding/removing stuff from our baby registry because I'm so freakin indecisive! I also contacted my "life photographer", who shot our engagement & wedding photos & am working now with her to schedule a maternity photo shoot & also a newborn photo shoot when the babe arrives. the tentative plan is to do the maternity shots in mid-September, so I'll be a little over 30 weeks. And that's about it for the past two weeks of my pregnancy - just truckin' right along & waiting to meet our little girl in a little under 16 weeks!

And I definitely feel like I look pregnant nowadays - here are my week 23 & 24 bump shots. I'm always either in maternity clothes or stretchy pants & fewer & fewer of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit now.

23 weeks - clothed & bare belly:

And 24 weeks - clothed & bare belly:

Next week I think I'll post a comparison from earlier on in my pregnancy. I can't believe I am just a couple weeks shy of the third trimester! According to some of the things I have read, this week actually marks the last week of the second tri. Doesn't matter to me either way as long as this baby keeps growing big, strong & healthy in there!  And this also makes me realize just how close we are to meeting her - and just how much we need to get on the ball with her room & everything else we wanna get done before she gets here. 'Till next time!


Life Happens said...

What a nice gift! Yay for making it to the third trimester! Looks like things are coming along really well. I'm sure baby J will be spoiled rotten!

Shanny said...

I have to check out the buti-bag company when I have more time, but its so awesome of the owner to send you some cute freebies.

Good luck when you do your 1hr glucose test, I hope you don't have to follow the darn strick diet that I have to... its nice and healthy stuff but ohhhh so boring!

And look at that bump coming along! It will be nice to see the comparison, I'm actually waiting until the end to do the first belly shot and the last one... I think if I do it now I might just faint thinking of the next couple of months growth, yikes!