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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Project Nursery - All put together!

I'm happy to report that Baby J's Nursery is coming along nicely! The hubbs has gotten all of the major furniture put together & we even got her mattress, so I thought I'd do an update everyone, showing you guys where we are now!

Before the room began it's transformation, it was our office/guest/misc. storage room, so needless to say it was pretty much {ahem} a hot mess not together or cohesive at all. It mainly consisted of my old full bed, my old computer desk from college, some storage drawers, an old bookshelf & a TV/Fios box. Here is a quick reminder of what the room looked before:

The room, although not the best looking in the house, was actually pretty cozy! Those blue shades on the windows were installed by the previous owners & they blocked out virtually any & all sunlight. It was amazing! If I was ever particularly exhausted, I could just go in the guest room, close those shades & pass out on the bed. It was nice! But now that our little girl is on the way, I have to find a way to do that in my own room, which can get pretty dark from the drapes we have, but still not quite as dark as the former guest room. So, when I was about 13 weeks pregnant, we started making plans for this room. I Freecycled almost all of the furniture, packed up everything we want to hang on to for the attic & everything we want to get rid of for donation. My wedding dress & a few other formal gowns (from friend's weddings, that I'll never wear again) were in the closet in this room & all of those items are being donated as well. I was thinking about selling my bridal gown to a consignment shop, but it cost over $200 to dry clean & press the dress & I doubt I'd even get that much for the gown from the consignment shop, so I opted to donate it instead & get the {small} tax write off.

Anywho, I digress...so here's what the room looks like today:

*~From the doorway~*

*~dresser/changer combo + glider wall~*

*~crib wall~*

*~bookshelf/closet wall & closeup of stuff on shelves (for now anyways)~*

Coming along nicely, don't cha think?! Clearly I have lots more to do in here & I plan to go wall by wall detailing my plans/thoughts for each wall, but I wanted to give everyone an idea of how the room looks now that we have all the furniture up & ready to go. We are taking all the boxes & what not we packed up from this & our room to Salvation Army this afternoon. And I'll be sooo happy when all of the boxes are outta here! We'll re-visit the nursery early next week to discuss wall 1 of 4 - glider/dresser wall - just wait till you see my plans for this wall! I can't wait till her room comes together completely, I hope she loves it {although I doubt she'll notice until she's older}!! I think it'll either be tied for or be my #1 favorite room in the house - it's so bright & airy in there already. :)

Wanna see our nursery progress from the beginning? Check out my master plan for the room & the first set of DIY goodies I made for our little one! 'Till next time!


Life Happens said...

It's coming together nicely. I LOVE the baby furniture! Beautiful!

Mandy @ Bunnies, Bullfrogs & Kitties said...

This is gonna look sooo cute when you get done!!!

Shanny said...

I'm liking what I'm seeing, oh yes I am!!!! =)
The finished room will be so so so pretty!

Lauren said...

Its going to be super cute!!!! Good luck getting your prject finished!!! Cant wait to see pics!!! I am doing a baby bottle give away!!! Feel free to stop by!



MAK-now said...

Love it!! Your color choice is right on point, lady! Great work!