; World of Dennifer: 25 weeks - only 15 more to go!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 weeks - only 15 more to go!!

First things first...I'm very excited to be bringing all of you a really great giveaway from CSN Stores!! I love CSN because they have over 200 sites & you can get pretty much anything on there from a coffee maker to crib bedding (& everything in between!). I plan to post that in the next week or so!!

Now on to baby stuff - woot! Soooo excited to be here. According to some sources, I am in the third (& final) trimester now, but I am going to go by the more liberal date of 26 weeks, 6 days. Either way, I'm close enough & getting super excited to meet my baby girl! I looked at my ticker the other day & saw that I only have 101 days until she arrives, which = me being kicked into gear - almost double digits...woo hoo!! I need to simmer down because I keep adding new DIY crafts for her room to my list, lol. I just can't STOP! But her nursery is coming along well & I am taking new pics tomorrow to show you guys. Oh & to feed my baby buying obsession - I bought some cute girly bows today. I also bought her bedding, toy storage tote & throw pillow for the glider late last week! I can't wait to show you guys - it's supposed to be here on Friday!!!!!!

The photographer I mentioned who did my wedding photos is being slow responding to me about my maternity pics, so to save $$, we decided to let my little sister do them. She's actually pretty awesome. She does photography as a hobby, but she has a really great Digital SLR & takes pretty awesome pics! I can't wait to do them & see how they turn out. I'll still ask the professional photographer to do the newborn pics, which I am sure will also be adorable.

According to the Bump, the baby is the size of an eggplant. She's about 1.5 lbs. by now & is getting a sense of equilibrium, so she knows when/if she's upside down. Her immune system is maturing & her eyes are forming - soon she'll be practicing blinking! Baby J is busy kicking away - the hubbs even felt her twice tonight! He says he thinks he felt her once before on the 4th of July, but we weren't positive. Well tonight, we were positive!! It was so hard he even asked me why she was kicking me so hard, lol. I told him it'll get harder when she gets even bigger. Keep kicking away little girl...mommy loves your kicks! I'm happy to report that I have stayed true to my vow to start hitting the treadmill 2-3 times per week. I have been Sunday & Wednesday this week & plan to likely go on Friday. I still want to find a pre-natal yoga class that is convenient for me to attend at least once a week. Despite all that, my belly is definitely getting bigger - I went to get a bridesmaid dress altered for my friend's wedding next weekend & I had already ordered the dress 3'ish sizes larger than my normal size (I was like over 8 weeks along when we ordered the dress) & it's only a little bit big in the boobs! It doesn't need to be taken in anywhere else! 3 sizes larger than my pre-pregnancy size! Oh.my.gawsh. Ah well I guess, as long as my baby girl keeps growing big & healthy in there, that's all that really matters!

And now on to the bump shots!

25 weeks clothed & bare:
And as promised, I...errr, my hubby did a comparison from earlier on in my pregnancy until now, hopefully it shows up okay. This shows every 5 weeks of my "bump" starting at 5 weeks - wowza, look at the change (click to enlarge photo)!

I'm sooo exhausted, so I'm off to bed. But make sure to stay tuned - like I mentioned, I have some nursery DIY projects & updates to share! 'Till next time!