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Monday, November 16, 2009

Master Bath Sneak Peek!

We have been slaving away working super hard on our Master Bath project this weekend & have made soo much progress. Unfortunately, it's not quite done yet, but our goal is to get it all done before next weekend gets here! I am so excited! Based on the list I made in my last post, here is a little preview of what we still have to do & what we have already completed from the list:
  • Buy the mirror framing materials, prime/paint it & put it up
  • Sand, prime (where needed) & paint the trim around the bathroom
  • Sand, prime & paint the vanity frame
  • **ADDED** - paint second coat on vanity & do any necessary touch ups
  • Install the new faucets
  • Caulk tile areas in shower that need touch ups
  • Steam & put up the new shower curtain
  • Clean out under cabinets, put down contact paper & organize stuff into baskets
  • Clean entire bathroom
  • **ADDED** - assemble over toilet storage furniture & add fabric cover to glass doors
  • **ADDED** - put cabinets back on vanity & install new hardware
Our only one set back this weekend was the fact that we couldn't find the composite casing material we wanted to use for the mirror framing project, so we got the real wood, which is supposed to be heavier & therefore, not ideal. It was the thinnest, most lightweight wood casing we could find that we actually liked, so *hopefully* it'll work out...there is actually no other option, or you may see yours truly going insane soon, lol.

And without further adieu....progress:

*FRESH paint & NEW towel bar*

*NEW lighting fixture that makes me smile BIG :oD*


*REFRESHED vanity*

*NEW light fixture & another close up of the paint ;o)*


Carrie said...

Love all the work you've done so far! Can't wait to see the finished bath!!!