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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mater Bath Progress!

We are making some progress on our current major project! So far, so good - the walls are painted & we are waiting a week to paint the trim, so tomorrow actually. The new light fixture is up (looks fab, but I'll make you wait on that ;), the over toilet storage has arrived (hubby needs to put that together), the TP holder, hook on the back of the door, wall art, towel bar & new shower rod also need to be put up. I have primed the cabinet doors & will paint at least the first and 2nd coats on the fronts of the cabinets today. The only thing left to purchase is a new shower head...so it's coming along! It should hopefully be done by next weekend - yay!!!

Here are some pics after we tore everything out & patched all the holes - hubbs is taping the walls:

And here are some of the painted walls:

Please excuse the MESS under our cabinets - organization of that area being done today!

And I leave you with something cute the hubby did w/o me making him, lol:Our initials on the wall before painting :o)

I can't wait to show you the final reveal!