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Saturday, November 21, 2009

When you wish upon a star...

or in this case - a jar!

The other day while blog stalking browsing thru blogs I love, I saw this cute idea for a wishing jar from Rachelle over at Fingerprints on the Fridge & I lurved it, so I brought up the idea to the hubbs. Well, at the time, he was racking his brain over my Christmas gift this year, so he agreed it would be good for all of our future gift giving holidays. And to make things even better...it was his favorite price - FREE (I always tell him that he's frugal)! And the icing on the cake (for me) - this was SUPER easy...seriously something anyone can do!

We were given a cookie jar about two & a half years ago as a housewarming gift (thanks Shannon!) & we used it for a while, but then we stopped baking cookies & started buying the baked cookies from the grocery store bakery that had their own containers. For some reason, they always tasted better than mine *hmph..goes in corner & sulks*  - I guess baking is really not my fortay (sp?).  Anywho, I kept the cookie jar up in our cabinets because I knew one day I'd find a good use for it & Rachelle's wishing jar was just the project I had in mind! So, I took the cookie jar, gave it a good cleaning with soap & water, then gathered up the rest of the materials for the project: sticker letters, double sided tape, ribbon, spare card stock in different colors (1 color for me & 1 for the hubbs) & got to work. (click any photo to enlarge)

First, I decided on what wording to put on the jar & stuck the stickers on:

Then I used double sided tape & stuck a wide ribbon around the center of the jar, then tied spare ribbons to the lid & hung a pen from the bow on one of the ribbons:

Next, I cut up pieces of paper in two different colors & started writing down the different items that have been on my "wants list" in my mind, then tossed them in the jar:

And last, but not least...I found a cute spot on the landing at the top of our stairs, right next to some magical characters!

This was literally the easiest DIY project ever & so cute! I love how it turned out & no more guessing what to get each other for birthdays, anniversaries & other holidays every year. Once you are together long enough you start feeling like you have gotten each other everything there possibly is to get & you run out of ideas. Since the Dennifer's are coming up on seven years of being a couple, we are just about at that point, so this worked out perfect for us! Think Mr. Dennifer will buy me one of the Brookestone massage chairs this Christmas?! I doubt it, but hey - it's worth a shot....they call them wishes for a reason, right? Right? :oP

Linking this project up to Frugalicious Friday over at Finding Fabulous:


Rachelle said...

I LOVE IT! :) The price is a great added bonus!


Jane said...

I love your wishing jar...this is a great idea! So simple and thrifty...love that! my kids would also dig this. Thanks for linkin' up to Frugalicious Friday!

jane @ Finding Fabulous

The DIY Show Off said...

What a cute project! I wish I had one and added to it all year long. I always forget what I loved throughout the year. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!