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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Project Nursery - Part I

We have already gotten a good start on Baby J's nursery - the paint is on the walls, the crib & dresser are put together, the glider & ottoman are in their rightful place, but we still have LOTS to do with our baby girl's nursery. This first post on the nursery will basically document my overall plans for the layout, color scheme/theme & general ideas, plus show off some of the stuff we (read: my husband under my direction ;o) have already accomplished. Then subsequent Project Nursery posts will discuss specific elements of the nursery & feature some of my DIY projects for our little girl. Some of the Project Nursery posts will also just discuss what I'm thinking of doing in certain parts of the nursery & I'll ask my readers for feedback. I have so many ideas to share & incorporate into this room that it is going to take several posts, over several months to share everything!

In general, I'm going for a girly, but not too pink & not too babyish room - think whimsy & cute, but not frilly or over the top, in your face pink. Oh & I am not going to have a a theme for the room - I'm not really into overly themey stuff, I just want it to be modern looking and to flow with complimentary colors & patterns. I'm using the aqua as my main color (the walls), but I am going to balance that out with pink (both hot & light pink), white, chocolate brown, light yellow & light/pastel green.

Here is my idea of the general layout for the room (imagine it with walls around the outside):

I took a few photos of the beginning stage of the room before the hubbs had gotten the crib put together, so you will just have to wait on that! But here are some preliminary photos of the room:

This is the back wall (also the longest) - the dresser & glider will stay in this configuration:

This is the wall where the entryway door and the crib are (the crib is now put together & against this wall): 

Pictured below is what the convertible crib looks like assembled, we got the crib, dresser & conversion kit for the crib for right around $1K (including delivery) from Babies R Us (BRU) during their 20% off all nursery furniture sale.

This photo below shows half of the wall directly across from the room entrance, where there are two windows equally spaced apart (you can only see one in this photo) & the front wall directly to the left of the entryway door, where we will be putting a bookshelf & some toy storage. This wall also has our baby girl's teeny tiny closet - I'll likely get some sort of closet organization system or something to maximize the space here:

The dark blue window shades/blinds that are pulled all the way up in the photo above have already been taken down & need to be Freecycled. We have already purchased the same white fabric honeycomb shades that we got for our Master Bedroom & had custom cut to fit the windows in the room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shades - the are made by DesignView & sold at Home Depot. I literally cannot rave enough about these shades - we absolutely love them in our room & they are very affordable. They diffuse sunlight, so hopefully that'll help our little one sleep when she naps during the days, so that mama & daddy can rest too! So anywho, we have those & the hubbs just needs to install them.

The last major piece of furniture going in the room is this "Bentley Kid's Cubby Bookcase," I bought from Target for $100 with free shipping. I love how it has two large shelves that I can store baskets or books on & three smaller shelves to display photos or little trinkets (which I am sure will change once our little girl starts getting around on her own & getting into things). I plan to also put some sort of toy storage box or basket with a lid next to the bookcase for all her little toys she's sure to be spoiled with &/or accumulate over the years!

So that's the nursery so far! It's definitely a work in progress & I am constantly changing my mind, but everything I mentioned here will stay the same. We have the furniture, the blinds have already been cut, so there's no turning back now...which is a good thing for someone as indecisive as I am, LOL. I think we are doing pretty good since we still have another 22 or so weeks till we get to meet our little girl! I'll be back tomorrow with 5QF & I have a very cute DIY project I already completed for our little girl to share sometime next week. 'Till next time!


Shanny said...

Wow, the ideas are flowing so nicely! the colors you mentioned with the wall color is going to look really pretty, I like how it sounds!
I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the posts you have in mind for the nursery, its sooooo exciting =)

Bambina Babe said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I answered your question about the countertop coating on DIY Showoff. :)

Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks!!!d

Anonymous said...

Hi, you've done a great job. Everything is so pretty. I couldn't find the name/make of the wall color, my babies are already 4 and 8 but I love the color for their bedroom. Thanks, Allie

Jen J. said...

Hi Allie,
Thanks! I believe the color is called Ocean Whisper by Valspar. Hope that helps!