; World of Dennifer: 15 weeks - 25 more to go!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 weeks - 25 more to go!

My title my be a bit misleading...I say "25 more to go" because so far pregnancy has been such a waiting game for me. Don't get me wrong - I am SO excited about our little one, but I always feel like I'm waiting for the next appointment, for my bump to come in (I actually think I'm growing thru a growth spurt right now!!), for the next ultrasound, to feel the baby move, to find out the sex, etc. etc. I'd say that the first few months of pregnancy, especially for a first time momma like ma'self, are so full of worry about the "what if's" that you don't get to fully enjoy your pregnancy. I have started to try & just enjoy everything we have to come with this little one, but I am far from being completely worry-free. I think it's natural for any mom - I once read a quote that basically said that having a child was like having your heart walking around outside of your body. So true already & my LO isn't even here yet! Because I'm starting to really see & feel my bump forming, I think it's hitting me more that I am already a mama...my baby isn't here yet, but s/he will be soon enough. God-willing, s/he will be born healthy & happy & strong!

My 16 week appointment is this Friday & I'm pretty excited, but I always get a little nervous before the appointments. Do all first time mamas feel like this? It's like nervous excitement. This will be the first with a doctor - I have seen nurses & the nurse practitioner in my previous appointments, but never one of
the OBs. My OB's office has three doctors - 2 women, 1 man. I think my appointment on Friday is with the guy doctor. I have a few questions for this next appointment, like when should I schedule childbirth & breastfeeding classes and most importantly - when can I schedule the BIG u/s?!?!?! The one where we find out what little Baby J is. So exciting!

According to The Bump, this week baby is as big as an an orange - about 4 inches long & 2.5 ounces! All of his joints are fully functional & he/she is moving around like crazy in there! Hopefully I'll be able to feel his/her movement soon can't wait! If I were to have an ultrasound, I'd likely see the baby yawning or sucking it's thumb! The baby's skin is very thin & transparent and his/her bones are getting harder & harder every day!

Today I am 15 weeks 3 days pregnant, and although I'm just now posting my weekly update, I take my "bump" pics on time every week (Saturdays)...so here is the 15 week shots:

Clothed Belly

Bare Belly

See it? See my little bump forming? I can't wait till it's a noticeable bump & people don't have to guess whether I'm pregnant or not, lol. We have been SO busy this week getting our house cleaned up for my birthday BBQ on Friday & getting the nursery cleared out. I have pictures to share soon & the first of my Project Nursery series also coming soon. But tomorrow - the Spring Cleaning/Summer Cleaning/Getting Ready for Baby J To Do list for the main & upstairs levels of the house! 'Till next time!