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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Sorry I missed 5QF this past week, but we were running around getting some errands done on Friday. I have a weekly recap to post & an update on the nursery furniture & other selections we made! I'm so excited to have my hubby get started on it. I also promise promise, promise to get the other sections of my spring & now semi-early summer to do list posted. You guys probably don't care, haha...it's more me needing to ge it written down for myself, so that we get to it all - especially before the baby comes, but hopefully sooner than that. ;o)

Just wanted to do a quick post wishing all my mama & mama-to-be blog friends a very Happy Mother's Day!! My sister & I took my mom out for lunch for Mother's Day on Friday. We both just gave her cards with cash inside so that she can buy whatever she wants - it's REALLY hard to shop for my mom, lol. We had a great lunch & my sister even got me a mommy-to-be Mother's day card! It was so sweet!

My MIL lives about 4 hours away, so we sent her a card, a Visa gift card & a Grandma photo frame with our latest u/s pic! She called today thanking us - she was crying, lol...she always cries. But she thought it was so sweet & we are happy she liked her gift. She even said she's taking it to work to show everyone tomorrow, hahaha.

I went to my one of my really close girlfriend's bridal shower & bachlorette party on Saturday & had a blast (pics to come on my weekly recap post tomorrow)!! Being a pregnant, sober woman, I left a bit early & got home around midnight, which is late for me now! I'm usually in bed by 9:30pm now, lol. My hubby plays flag football on Sundays, so he's usually gone when I wake up, no difference today, but when I woke up & walked down stairs (after accidentally setting off the alarm & Brinks/Broadview calling me), I saw this:

And inside:

Soo sweet - it was from the baby says my hubby. Inside the card, it says: "PS: Who's that guy who's always patting you on the stomach and saying 'Hello in There!?' What a weirdo!!" Then my husband signed, " Love, the baby & that other guy."

It was such a sweet surprise & totally unexpected! Now he's cooking me some yummy BBQ ribs, baked potatoes & green beans! Hope every mama & mama-to-be out there enjoys their Mother's Day!!


Haliya said...

Awwwwww that is so sweet!