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Saturday, June 5, 2010

18 Weeks - my lil sweet potato!

Whaaat? On the actual day I turned 18 weeks - unheard of! I'm trying to be punctual & also I've been on the computer for the last little bit just browsing & what not, so I decided I may as well post my weekly post....on time for once.

We are planning on registering for Baby J's shower in a few weeks, so I have been looking through all my options on various baby items, which is a pretty daunting task. I want to avoid getting a bunch of big, bulky things that we will never use. My house is not that big & I despise clutter. Speaking of - I am now worried about where we will put all the baby bottles & what not in our kitchen. I have a pretty big pantry, so any food-type items or formula (planning on BF'ing, but keeping an open mind about the possibility of formula feeding if necessary) can go in there, but I'd like to keep non-food items out of there. Hmmm, perhaps we will need to clean out the area under the island where our pots & pans are & get rid of a lot of the stuff we don't need anymore. We have been talking about buying a new set, so maybe I'll talk to the hubbs about actually getting on that purchase, so we can move the Tupperware from the cabinet & under the island next to the new pots & pans.  Then we can put all the Baby J stuff in the cabinet where the Tupperware is now. Guess that's something to add to my growing list of things to do before Baby J arrives! It's like a whole new person with a whole new set of stuff coming to live in your house, lol. I guess that IS in fact what's happening, huh?! But I'm definitely not complaining...we can't wait till our little girl gets here in November & all her {cutesy} stuff. :)

Oh & today I ordered the cutest custom little onesies for my hubby for Father's Day. They are sorority/fraternity related & so cute! I always swore I'd never buy those things that say "Future {enter name of sorority here}," but since we are in brother/sister fraternal organizations, I got some cute non-Baby J future predicting ones for my hubbs. I think he'll get a kick out of them & they are only $10 each, so  they didn't break the bank either. I'll probably also get him a new grilling tools set - he's always on the grill anytime we do BBQ's, so I think he'll appreciate some new tools. I'll post pics once I get everything in!

This week, baby is the size of a sweet potato! She's getting so big & I'm pretty sure I am really, for real this time feeling her move! A couple days ago I started feeling something down low in my pelvic area that felt like popping popcorn. I'd heard other mamas describe their baby's 1st movements like this & I know for sure this is exactly what I'm feeling. So exciting. Keep moving away baby girl! The Bump confirms she's spending her time moving away in there - kicking, punching, rolling, hiccuping, twisting, etc. So cute. I wish I could have a look at her every day. :oP In other news, my side of the bed is turning into a pillow fortress. My poor husband can't even cuddle me {he loves it ;oP} b/c I have pillow behind me, in front of me, two between my legs & under my head, hahaa. I REFUSE to buy one of those maternity pillow thingys b/c what in the heck will I do with it after the baby is born? And as I mentioned, I despise clutter...so pillows it is for me!

And two people at work this week, including my team leader, mentioned something about me showing! So happy that I don't just look fat, haha. Here are this week's bump pics @ 18 weeks exactly:

Clothed Belly

Bare Belly

And now I'm going to lay down & probably pass out for the rest of the night. I have some shopping I'd like to do tomorrow & I also want to fit in a mani/pedi/eye brow touch up - it's quite necessary right about now. 'Till next time!